About Me

I’m a first year Ph.D. student at the Virginia Tech, member of Society + AI & Language (SAIL) Lab I where work with Dr. Eugenia Rho.
My work is at the intersection of Natural Language Processing, Human-Computer Interaction, and Computational Social Science. I am interested in leveraging AI and data from various online social platforms to gain a deeper understanding of people and their behavior for social good.


  • Ph.D in Computer Science, Virginia Tech, Expected 2027
    • Advised by Dr. Eugenia Rho
    • Research Area: Natural Language Processing and Computational Social Science
  • M.S. in Computer Science, Sabanci University, Dec 2022
    • Advised by Dr. Reyyan Yeniterzi
  • B.S. in Computer Science, Sabanci University, Jun 2020


  • SU-NLP at SemEval-2022 Task 11: Complex Named Entity Recognition with Entity Linking

    Buse Çarık, Fatih Beyhan, Reyyan Yeniterzi
    SemEval Workshop at ACL 2022  

  • A Turkish Hate Speech Dataset and Detection System

    Fatih Beyhan, Buse Çarık, İnanç Arın, Ayşecan Terzioğlu, Berrin Yanikoglu, Reyyan Yeniterzi
    LREC 2022  

  • A Twitter Corpus for named entity recognition in Turkish

    Buse Çarık, Reyyan Yeniterzi
    LREC 2022  

  • SU-NLP at CheckThat! 2021: Check-Worthiness of Turkish Tweets

    Buse Çarık, Reyyan Yeniterzi
    CLEF (Working Notes)  


  • Research Assistant (SAIL @ VT)
    Virginia Tech, Jan 2023-Present
    • Supervised by Eugenia Rho
    • Working on using language generation techniques to develop an interactive UI system that assists users in craft- ing online counter-responses against hateful content
    • Wokring on investigating the language of resistance towards government-mandated health practices in COVID


  • Research Assistant (SUSAIL @ Sabanci University)
    End-to-end Neural Entity Linking System with Entitypedia and EntityBERT
    Sabanci University, Apr 2021-Nov 2022
    • Supervised by Reyyan Yeniterzi
    • Detecting named entities in news and short texts in social media
    • Matching with social media posts and news using the discovered entities


  • Research Assistant (SUSAIL @ Sabanci University)
    A Deep Learning-Based Hate Speech Detection System: A Comparative Analysis of Turkey and Tunisia
    Sabanci University, Mar 2020 - Mar 2021
    • Supervised by Berrin Yanıkoğlu, Reyyan Yeniterzi, Ayşecan Terzioğlu
    • Creating the first social media dataset and annotation schema for hate speech in Turkish
    • Developing hate speech detection system using neural and transformer models


  • Teaching Assisstant
    Advanced Machine Learning
    Virginia Tech, Jan 2023-Present
    • Holding weekly office hours
    • Co-designing and grading assignments
  • Teaching Assisstant
    Natural Language Processing
    Sabanci University, Jan 2022-Jun 2022
    • Holding weekly office hours
    • Led problem-solving sessions sections of 120 students
    • Co-designing and grading assignments
  • Teaching Assisstant Computational Approaches to Problem Solving
    Sabanci University, Sept 2021-Jan 2022
    • Leading weekly problem-solving sessions of 30 students
    • Holding weekly office hours
  • Head Teaching Assisstant Machine Learning
    Sabanci University, Sept 2020-Jun 2021
    • Led problem-solving sessions sections of 120 students on implementation of machine learning algorithms
    • Co-designing and grading assignments
    • Holding weekly office hours
  • Learning Assisstant Operating Systems
    Sabanci University, Sept 2019-Jan 2020
    • Assisted 100 undergraduate students with course material and assignments